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Origami-inspired robotics is an innovative robot design and fabrication technology, which combines aesthetic and engineering values of origami with robotics. This process has a high level of versatility, which enables us to provide customized and diverse robot kits for various educational needs and tailor the curriculum according to the requirements of different educational institutions, levels, and programs. Folding a 2-D pattern into 3-D shape strengthens hand-eye coordination and visualization skills in young minds. The level of difficulty can be tailored easily, as everyone can fold simple origami shapes, while more complicated origami designs can exhibit a puzzle quality to them.

Education Product Lead

Digital Marketing Intern

Cagdas Onal

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Professor, Robotics Engineering, WPI Post-doctor, CSAIL, MIT PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

Angus Fan

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Global Entrepreneur in Residence @Venture Development Center (VDC) Umass-Boston Co-President of MIT-CHIEF (2016)