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Decentralized marketplaces on the blockchain

Senior Software Engineer

$100k – $160k • 0.0% – 0.5%
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We're looking for a 10x engineer who's excited about enabling true peer-to-peer commerce.

Our mission is to allow buyers and sellers to meet and transact in a completely distributed way (from car, housing, bike, and other rentals to task-based services like freelance engineering, design, marketing and more).

We encourage you to read our product brief to understand what we're trying to build and why it matters: (originprotocol.com/product-brief)

## Role

Origin has a stacked engineering team. At Origin, you will have the chance to work alongside and learn from startup legends like Yu Pan, who was one of the founders of PayPal and the first engineer at YouTube. You will also work closely with our founders (both developers) and other early engineers to architect and build out the Origin platform.

Our work is not only open-source but open-collaboration too. Most of our conversations and engineering meetings are held in public. We use a lot of React and GraphQL at Origin. Our platform is built on decentralized technology (Ethereum blockchain, IPFS) so you will be expected to pick up new technologies if you do not have prior experience in them. You will have the opportunity to contribute across multiple projects, including:

- Mobile apps for iOS and Android
- Web3 Marketplace DApp
- Libraries for third-party developers to build on
- Our core platform (smart contracts and helper libraries)
- Backend services like running nodes and indexing servers

As an early engineer, you will also be integral in setting both company and engineering culture and processes. You will represent the team at conferences and meetups and help us evangelize the Origin mission and technology.

## Requirements

- 5+ years in software engineering (full-stack preferred)
- Strong experience in Javascript is required
- Experience with React and GraphQL preferred
- Prior knowledge of Solidity or decentralized Web3 technology is not expected but will make you stand out as a candidate.
- Bonus points if have demonstrated open-source leadership or been involved in a major open-source project
- Strong written skills are particularly important as we are a distributed team
- More than anything, we're looking for an experienced developer who is also insanely hungry to learn new technologies and shares in our mission.

## How to apply

Origin has an untraditional application process. As an open-source project with over 100 contributors, we hire almost exclusively from our community.

There are no white-board interviews.

Instead, we ask interested candidates to jump into our Discord, join one of our weekly engineering calls, pick an issue from our public project board and send us a pull request. Typically after two or three substantial pull requests, we'll get in touch with you to talk about next steps (usually a paid contractor role to further evaluate your skills and see if a fulltime role makes sense). At this point, you'll have a pretty good feel of what it's like to work with our team and will have been able to demonstrate your technical and communication skills.

## Compensation and benefits

You will be paid a competitive salary, stock options in the company and a cryptocurrency grant of Origin Tokens (OGN). We offer health, dental, and vision insurance.

Meet your team

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Founder at @Origin Protocol.
Founder of @Origin Protocol . Previously founder of Unicycle Labs and PriceSlash. Former VP Product of @Bonobos, @Qwiki. 3rd PM at @YouTube. @Google

Franck Chastagnol

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We offer health, dental, and vision insurance.


stock options in the company

Generous vacation

Flexible vacation policy


We have a fast-paced bias-to-action culture, diverse core team and community.


You will also have a stake in the cryptoeconomic incentives of the underlying protocol layer with the launch of the Origin utility token in 2019.


You will be paid a competitive salary.