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AI platform specialized in prediction and optimization models

Lead of Engineering

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OriGen has built an industry leading AI platform utilizing cutting edge research in GANs, Deep learning, DRL, among others for the prediction and optimization of real-life industrial-sized applications. The initial use case is oil refinery operation, which helps customers make better decisions and conduct leaner and more efficient operations resulting in a net positive impact on their bottom line.

Origen has deployed its technology with one of the largest energy companies in the world (worth more than $50B). As our partner’s exclusive partner with data access, OriGen’s platform has been verified to provide the most accurate prediction system in the industry today. The technology has been tested and proven to beat state of the art techniques of two of the top ten multinational tech companies. It’s estimated that for this use case, OriGen’s systems and proprietary models can save on average $100M USD per year per refinery, improve the efficiency by 10-15% as a conservative estimate.

Origen is looking for a lead of engineering specialized in artificial intelligence who is exciting about the opportunity to work at the intersection of leading AI research and deploying that technology within a massive industry. The job includes working with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and optimization products, with the overall goal of building powerful general-purpose learning algorithms and products for two main objectives of the energy industry: get predictive models and make decision in real time.

The lead responsibilities include working on a diverse and stimulating range of technologies and methods, which include developing algorithms and products applications, providing software design and programming leadership along with architecting and implementing software libraries for the energy industries.

This is a unique opportunity to join a company with revenue and a pathway to scale and we are excited to work with hard working, curious, honest, and exceptional individuals.

Work you will do:

- Help develop, hire, and lead a multidisciplinary team of engineering to create an AI platform for the energy industry
- Work directly to amazing team
- Work with the research team to scale AI algorithms into products
- Create AI algorithms to apply it to real-life products and features that have world-changing potential and are directly suited to your interests (e.g. improving the efficiency and wasted generation of a multi-billion dollar refinery).
- Deploy our tech stack from programming languages such as python and javascript to deep learning libraries, data pipelines, distributed data processing, and cloud computing services like AWS.

Contact at: rubentorrado@origen.ai

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AI platform specialized in prediction and optimization models

OriGen.AI focuses on E-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Finance, and Oil and Gas. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.origen.ai

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