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Alon Amit

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Co-founder and VP of Product at Origami Logic. Led product for ads algorithms + backend at Facebook and Google. Board Advisor at Turn. Math Ph.D.
CTO and co-founder at Origami Logic. Previously CTO at Current TV, Head of social search at Yahoo!, CTO and co-founder at FareChase. Hiring strong people!!!
CEO & Co-Founder @Origami Logic. SVP/GM @Juniper Networks . CEO/Co-founder @ Kagoor Networks. VP Strategy @Vocaltec Communications co-CEO/co-founder @Alexey Nikandrov.


Moddy Wong

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Alice Porlaje

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Lead Technical Recruiter

Jeremy Kenton

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Experience at marketing tech startups. Work in business development and alliance strategy.

Michelle Foley

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Shachar Bar david

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Undergrad at IIIT Allahabad, Apache Spark, Scala.js Committer https://github.com/techaddict

Willem D'Haeseleer

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JavaScript devops, burger fanatic. I like to be excited about things, I'm not sure why though.

Peter Stosich

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Startup financial analytics and operations: strategic planning, FP&A, accounting, investor relations, SaaS financial models. Former investment banker, Tuck MBA.
Employee Experience Specialist at Origami Logic
Software Engineer with 10+ years experience developing enterprise and consumer apps. Extensive experience working in startups and leading a startup team.

Sam Knapp

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Manager, Data Implementations at Origami Logic

Manish Amde

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Allison Bellah

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Worked to build @Current TV, now scaling at @Origami Logic.

Board members and advisors

Amy Chang

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CEO of Accompany. @Splunk board, advise Target, Optimizely, etc. Led @Google Analytics from 1% to 70% of Alexa top 1M sites. BSEE & MSEE @Stanford University

Former team

Christine Whitehill

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Christine Whitehill

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Mitesh Mehta

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Mike Oswell

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