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Melissa Doré

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Operations at Ori Industries, francophone — usually found drowning in turtlenecks and browser tabs.

Mahdi Yahya

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Angel investor, & founder of one of the Middle East's largest telecoms companies. Investment interests: art, design, VR, communications, emerging tech, media.


David Stauffer

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Jodie Bailey

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joel marrero

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Experienced Infrastructure Engineer. Passionate about open source, and DevOps principles.

Jack Hughes

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Niki Manoledaki

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Full-stack software engineer with a cloud native focus and experience building backend service with Go, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Aga Oakes

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I love working within Lean and Agile methodologies in order to help businesses grow via understanding the product, business goals and user needs.

Lee Hetherington

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Liam Bennett

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Jack Hughes

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Former team

Maël Valais

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Mingu Kang

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Nicholas Sopuch

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