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Polymer that can keep a distinct scent (fragrance, aroma)

Polymer that can keep a distinct scent (fragrance, aroma)

We are making polymer that have a scent. We can add a distinctive scent to the plastic and It keeps the smell from 3 months to 5 years. The product can be used in a lot of spheres like: Production, Marketing, Medical, Education, etc. Our Product Eco, Biodegradable, NON Toxic and does not contain harm material for the environment (like PVC). organoplastica.com Examples (several different product lines): 1. ISmell – cases for phones with distinct smell . Your ISmell phone case, it can smell like orange, rose, ocean - remind of important events in life, summer, about going home, the smell of cinnamon can remind of Christmas. This can be a great gift. 2. Shtuka - the compact badge that solves the problem of protecting your health in a megacity. This is a stylish accessory that forms a safe environment around the consumer and has a positive effect on the immunity, thereby reducing the likelihood of infection by viruses and penetration of infections shtuka.pro

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