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The Allbirds of kitchen wear

The Allbirds of kitchen wear

Combining the latest technology with a minimalist modern design, TheChefClub knives are high-performance and low-maintenance. TheChefClub chef knife is a real performance beast: 22% above Excellent rating by industry-leading institution Catra, outperforming high-end knives sold above $150. TheChefClub’s performance and design are also applauded by chefs and culinary experts. Many say they perform better than Japanese knives sold for hundreds of dollars. We have recently raised about $100K on Kickstarter and we will start to deliver our orders in Feb. 2020. Our Kickstarter Campaign page: kickstarter.com/projects/thechefclubknives/thechefclub-worlds-first-uncomprom… thechefclub.co


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