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Technical Support Lead

$20k – $35k • No equity
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In this key role, you will be the face of our Software as a Service company. You will use your technical and problem solving skills to provide support to over 2000 of our customers who are e-commerce merchants.

Additionally, you will be responsible for developing and writing documentation, helping customers set up our software via multiple channels (intercom, email, phone, Facebook) and implementing a churn reduction program to prevent cancellations and win back cancelled customers.

*This is a remote position*

There is also opportunity to grow into a more flexible role. We all wear a lot of hats!


Strong writing skills
Technical background

Bonus points

SQL knowledge
Experience working at a SaaS company
Experience working with e-commerce businesses
Sales experience

About us

Order Metrics exists to help SMB's make sense of their business data by finding operational improvements that maximize profitability and optimize marketing channels to make responsible customer acquisition decisions. We provide an industry leading analytics tool that combines revenue & cost data from multiple 3rd party sources, giving merchants a detailed view of where they are (and are not) making money.

We boast a list of 1500+ merchants and are proud to be an independent company with no outside investors.


How to Apply

1) Tell us a situation where a customer got really mad with you. How did you handle it?

2) Please provide us with a writing sample

3) Please provide details on technical experience you have (SQL, excel, reporting tools, etc)