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Decentralized VPN, Privacy tools

Decentralized VPN, Privacy tools

Orchid takes a new approach to digital privacy with the first peer-to-peer, incentivized privacy network. On the network, anyone can buy and sell bandwidth using the Orchid token (OXT). Users can browse privately and access content without being limited by their geography. With its decentralized design, multi-hop architecture, and Open Source ethos, Orchid offers users unprecedented digital privacy in a trustless context.
The Internet opened up an unlimited world of information. Its creators invited us to bring our curiosity and explore that world freely.

As the Internet grew, exploring freely became harder. Web 2.0 business models incentivized companies to watch and track us and sell our data. And in some places, limits were placed on the information we can see.

But that is changing. The decentralized Web 3.0 being built on Ethereum is allowing the Internet to be reclaimed by its users.

At Orchid we share in this mission. We use Web 3.0 technology to offer users better digital privacy today, so we can realize the promise of the Web 1.0 and explore freely again.
Orchid began two years ago and the initial founding team includes Dr. Steven Waterhouse (Co-Founder of Pantera Capita,the oldest cryptocurrency fund in the U.S. founded in 2013, board member of Bitstamp and Co-Founder of RPX which he took public), Brian Fox (the author of Bash Shell for Linux, 20+ years of open source contribution), Jay Freeman (the author of Cydia, the App Store for jailbroken iPhones and Impactor software for the iPhone), Gustav Simonsson, white hat hacker and ex-security researcher for the Ethereum Foundation) to create a decentralized VPN.

Orchid raised 45m through a SAFT from tier 1 VCs and influentials in the blockchain community, including Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, FBG, DFJ, BoxGroup, Blockchain Capital, Polychain Capital, MetaStable, Kinetic Ventures, Foundation Capital, Roger Ver, Naval Ravikant, Gavin Wood, Matt Roszak, Dan Boneh, Paul Bohm, and others.

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CEO Opus Logica, Inc., Technology investor - VWC, RIS, Jammcard, Roaming Messenger, Bosch, SupplySolution, ShangBy. FSF, MIT AI Lab, wrote GNU Bash.
CEO / CoFounder @Orchid Labs Paartner: @Pantera Capital 2013 - 2016 Co-Founder: @RPX (IPO 2011) PhD Engineering from Cambridge
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