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Healthcare services marketplace and platform for consumers and providers


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Brandon Calder

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Co-Founder @WATCHR Media, Online Media, E-Commerce & Technology Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor

Scott Fox

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CEO at www.StartupCouncil.org, Serial Entrepreneur, Executive, Founder. Author of 3 popular Internet entrepreneurship books. Startup Mentor at www.ScottFox.com

Jeffery Brown

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worked @Juniper Networks , @NXP Semiconductors , @Qualcomm , @OpenTV , semiconductors, mobility, broadcasting & video tech, IT networking

Chris Sang

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Co-Managing Partner @CP Ventures , CTO, Angel Investor & Advisor. Finance , Insurance & Auto Industries.

Rolf Mathies

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Co-founder of ConAction AG & @Earlybird Venture Capital, worked @Bain & Company, @IBM. Essentialist. Proud supporter of JoinPolitics.org

Peter Livingston

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Founder/GP at Unpopular Ventures

Judy Yang

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Angel investor & cross-border business strategy expert (US<->China) @Microsoft @Oracle @Adobe
Early Stage Venture fund started by Paul and Dan Bragiel

Tom Malloy

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VP Finance & Ops @SmartAsset . Previously @Harvard Business School , founder @equire.co & @StageHarbor
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