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Data Profitability 'Pareto Analysis' Reports for faster decision-making

Data Profitability 'Pareto Analysis' Reports for faster decision-making

Data Science has no business metrics. Our maths put dollars on data. We use them to deliver Pareto Analysis reporting for faster decision-making. CDOs, CTOs, and CFOs use our Rosetta stone maths to talk to each other. OrbMB's maths convert data from intangible value to real assets with Proxy Cash Value (PCV) as Collateral and Future Cash Flows. Data costs continue to explode, wasting energy and harming ecosystems. There are no continuous improvement business metrics in data science; and little incentive to move away from viewing each SQL query as unique, because data doesn't have intrinsic value. Information (organized knowledge) has intrinsic cash value. Data (unorganized) is an intangible. It has none. It never did. Now it does. What does this mean? (a) A series of axiomatic flaws were discovered, untangled, and sorted out over 15 years. (b) Flaws in the deep nature of finance make it impossible to put intrinsic dollar value on data. (c) These have been corrected. We’ve converted data’s hidden value into useful Proxy Cash Value. (d) We deliver practical 'data science' business metrics, such as Cost of Data Sold and Data Inventory Churn. Data Profitability 'Pareto Analysis' Reporting (a) Intrinsic value gives managers a practical tool to measure the business value of data operations. (b) With metrics, we manage data as if it is efficiently-managed physical inventory. (c) With metrics, we deliver continuous improvement to data operations. Financials (a) Every company unknowingly has hidden real data assets with PCV. (b) DiaaS computation produces documentation of these hidden assets. (c) Intrinsic fiat values can be used in cost-cutting Pareto Analyses. (d) Data PCV can be reported in SME & mid-market financial statements. (e) Data PCV can be leveraged, sold, factored, licensed, etc. OrbMB is a white label service for mid-market B2B clients and their customers.

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Yuri Brigadir

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I'm working at an intersection between environmental informatics, electronic data and computer graphics.

David Huer

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CEO/Founder, OrbMB Technologies. "First Principles/Axioms" problem-solver. Ask me if you want to change the rules of the game.