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Utilizing Satellite Imagery to understand what is happening on and to the Earth.



Steven Bickerton

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Data analysis and software (Python,C++,SQL) for astrophysical surveys with TBs of data BSc.Eng. Geophysics PhD Astrophysics Post-doc at Princeton

Emily Rogers

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Kim Topenio

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Soohyun Yang

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Trevor Braun

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Masters student, Econometrician, Programmer, Former college athlete

Sabelle Smythe

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Data scientist and engineer

Claire Parchem

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John Han

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Director of Research at Orbital Insight

Logan Wenzler

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Master's student at SFSU studying Geography, GIS, remote sensing.

Hyunjin Kang

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Worked at Orbital Insight, Deutsche Bank. Experience with Programming in R, Python, SQL. Went to University of Washington and Ewha Womans University

Juan Diego Palomino

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I am first a software engineer (my favorite language is whichever gets the job done, even if I have to learn the language), but, bottomline, a problem solver.

Subramanya Prasanna

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AWS cloud Enthusiast | Infrastructure Engineering.

Benjamin Rudin

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Commercial Business Lead for Orbital Insight, Inc.
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Warren Green

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Manav Kataria

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Sacchi Patel

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Surya Sendyl

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Patrick Brodie

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