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An OS for the Kitchen



Ankit Brahmbhatt

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Co-Founded & led product @Orange Chef • Previously PM @Breathometer , @Lytro • Technology junkie.

Michael Tankenoff

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Chief Revenue Officer @Anova Culinary, Previously VP of Growth @SideChef, VP, Retail @Anova Culinary, & Co-Founder/CMO@orange-chef.


Jillian Wells

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Researcher with a passion for fitness, education, healthcare, and aging spaces. Currently Senior User Researcher at Intercom

Steven Kontz

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Co-Founder at Raised Real

Board members and advisors

Rick Yang

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Partner and co-head of seed fund at NEA
product and engineer. co-founder metaplace (sold to Playdom), COO Playdom (sold to Disney), CEO TuneIn
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Former team

Carrie Peters

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Edwina Clark. MS, RD, APD (Aus)

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Kaushal Kantawala

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Ric Lescouflair

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