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What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for a Customer Wellness Manager to help build out a world-class customer experience and subscription service, while also providing immediate, professional, and friendly customer support.

The Customer Wellness Manager will be an integral part of the Customer Experience team and work closely with our Growth and Marketing teams to enhance the overall online experience and create tactics that support the greater company strategies for customer retention and growth.

As a premium and growing brand in the nutrition space, we’re looking for ambitious candidates who have an understanding of our core company principles and vision, and want to help support, grow, and advance these initiatives.

Specifically, the candidate should be highly skilled in:

1. Written communication. Not only should your writing be free of elementary mistakes - typos, incorrect punctuation placement, run-on sentences - your writing should read well, be succinct and clear in its points, and have a touch of personality (where appropriate). Bonus points to those who have read - and love - Benjamin Dreyer's Dreyer's English.

2. The ability to research and translate findings into bite-size, comprehensive, understandable answers for customers. As the frontman for our entire customer base, you’re automatically seen as an expert...on everything. We’d also like to see composure when it comes to rapidly searching for an answer when you have a customer waiting.

3. The ability to multitask and consistently, effortlessly change mental gears. You’ll be at the beck and call of our customers - our #1 priority - requiring you to hop from ticket to ticket while never wavering in your level of service.

4. The ability to empathize with customers. Given the nature of our products, you’ll be speaking to customers about personal health-related topics every day. It’s crucial you’re comfortable, calm, and understanding at all times.

5. Phone, email, and instant chat etiquette. We meet our customers where they are. And we’re available however they’d like to reach us. You recognize that each platform requires its own unique tone and style, and you can seamlessly move amongst them.

6. Presentations. As someone who interacts with our customers on a daily basis, you’ll glean insights into our most precious asset (that’s right, our customers). You’ll need to feel comfortable presenting an overview of our customers at any given point. You can distill a month’s work of customer interaction into two or three main trends and key points from which the company can work.

Bonus skills include:

Google Sheets (or able to transition skills from Excel to Google Sheets)
Experience in design, documentation, and optimization of processes


- 1 year in e-commerce customer service

About the Company

Ora Organic is an award-winning, digitally native startup focused on delivering high-quality, no-BS nutritional products to consumers that are sustainably sourced, packaged, and delivered.

The Ora team is an ambitious, high achieving group looking to up-end traditional notions of the role of plant-based nutrition in people’s lives, and is driven to become the premier provider of nutritional products in North America.

We’re winners of the NBJ Small Business Growth Award for 2018. We’ve appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2017. We’re in over 1,000 stores across the USA, including The Vitamin Shoppe, CVS, Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters, and Erewhon.

When assessing potential candidates for cultural fit, we look for the following traits:

The ability to self start - to take initiative, create your own work, and carve out your own place in the company.
An endless hunger for knowledge - self education, an addiction to learning, and a desire to always find the best way of doing things.
Ambitious goals - a personal ambition to be the best you can be, get the most of out of life and work while you’re here, and become a leader in your field.
Empathy for your fellow human, animal, and planet - an awareness that everything we do has an impact on everything around us, and a desire to make that impact as real and positive as you can.

We’re a performance oriented organization that goes above and beyond for our teammates, our investors, and our customers. If all of this sounds like you, then we’d love to chat.