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An app for guides to broadcast their tours live, in 360 degrees

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UX/UI designer for marketplace (contract to potential hire)

Posted 3 months ago

Looking for UX / UI designer to help us imporve the existing experience and present the information that drives conversionts in a meaningful and efficient way.

We are: A virtual travel experince startup that uses real-time 360 degree video stream to bring travel to your home.


Community and Marketing intern

Posted 5 months ago

Are you looking to get ahead of the curve and jump on board for one of the most exciting social media products to come?

Our mission is to help rasie the first wave of 360 degree live streamers, help them find their voice and make sustanable living, doing what they love.


Video editing intern

Posted 2 months ago

looking for an intern to create and potentially lead the future of 360 degree social media.

your job will mostly be around creating short videos as trailers for our YT channel.