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Enabling machines to self-charge with ambient light.

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Our world is becoming increasingly more autonomous by the day with the introduction of self-driving cars, autonomous drones, and package delivery robots. However, the moment these autonomous machines run out of power, they become useless and a person needs to intervene to recharge the machine. Battery anxiety affects nearly every class of products ranging from off-grid sensors, to mobile electronics and field deployed machines.

Optivolt Labs is creating an era of self-charging machines by providing a scalable & optimized technology stack for solar integration. Optivolt provides efficient power transfer systems, solar developer & simulation tools, and cloud based API’s to enable fleets of machines (e-scooters, EV’s, drones, sensors, smartphones, & other connected devices) to self-charge in ambient light. We are a group of inventors and technologists that are relentlessly working on filling the deep technology gaps in photovoltaic energy harvesting to accelerate humanity’s transition to clean, sustainable, self-charging technology.