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Deploying fully autonomous greenhouses outside every city on earth

Software Engineer

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Our mission is to grow safer, healthier food by deploying fully autonomous greenhouses outside every city on earth.

High-tech greenhouses are key to our agricultural future - for improving human nutrition and to secure our food system against climate change and population growth. We are doing everything we can to accelerate the deployment of new farms around the world and are well on our way following successful in-field trials of our prototype control system and having reached a partnership agreement to access 25% of the world’s greenhouses.

Find out more about our mission in this 2 min video: youtu.be/LDJ_QdUaap4.


We are an ambitious mission-focussed team with backgrounds from Palantir, DeepMind, Oxford University and Cambridge University. We are backed by leading deep technology VC funds, including Founders Fund, who backed companies such as SpaceX, Palantir and Square from the start.


Excellent software engineering is central to our mission.

The software engineering team at Optimal is responsible for delivering the infrastructure on top of which we provide autonomous growing services to high-tech greenhouses around the world. They develop the core platform which is used by our growers, on-the-ground personnel, and the Advanced Control Team. They are essential to the success of the business scaling globally.

As a software engineer at Optimal, you will work closely with highly technical and non-technical users to figure out what needs to be built to meet company objectives, and how to build it. You should be able to own the whole software engineering lifecycle: from design, through development, to deployment. You will be responsible for deploying infrastructure into the field and ensuring that it works.

However, we aren’t building everything from scratch. You should be able to identify when an existing commercial or open-source solution can be used to meet a requirement and integrate that into our platform.

You should be able to bring expertise in at least two of these areas:

* Architecting cloud infrastructure for controlling and monitoring greenhouses autonomously.
* Building interfaces with onsite environment sensors and controllers - and connecting them to Optimal.
* Implementing user interfaces that allow growers and other team members to monitor, control and intervene.
* Creating mobile tools to streamline in-field data collection.

Technologies we use today:

* Our backend is entirely Python on top of BigQuery, SQL and Redis storage layers.
* UI’s are built in JavaScript with Node.JS.
* We continuously deploy our software to Google Cloud Platform using standard build tools like Terraform and CircleCI.

Our technology stack isn’t set in stone. You will bring your own experiences and knowledge to improve it.


* Strong engineering background in fields such as Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics.
* Experience with several of: RESTful API’s, embedded systems, cloud infrastructure, test automation, front-end frameworks, storage frameworks, distributed and parallel systems, CI/CD infrastructure and containerisation.
* Strong developer with demonstrated proficiency in at least one general purpose programming language. Good working knowledge of Python.
* Ability to collaborate and empathise with a variety of individuals. You can iterate with users and non-technical stakeholders and understand how your technical decisions impact them and the longer term growth of the platform.
* Demonstrated ability to learn and work independently and make decisions with minimal supervision
* Able to thrive in a fast paced startup environment

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Ben Gazzard

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Currently a Senior Engineer at Optimal, previously six years as a FDE at Palantir and before that Netcraft. Worked with Java, Spark, Python, Typescript, React.

Richard Mason

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Product Manager @ Optimal Labs. PhD in Engineering @University of Oxford . O. Hugo Schuck Prize Winner. YC Fellowship and Entrepreneur First alumni.
Founder/CEO @Optimal | We're hiring!

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Deploying fully autonomous greenhouses outside every city on earth

Optimal focuses on Agriculture. Their company has offices in London. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://optimal.ag/ or find them on LinkedIn.

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