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Deploying autonomous indoor farms outside every city on earth

Forward Deployed Software Engineer

£60k – £110k • 0.0% – 1.0%
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We are a collection of engineers and scientists from Oxford, MIT and DeepMind, on a mission to grow safer, healthier food by deploying fully autonomous indoor farms outside every city on earth.

Our team includes a professor of control engineering, a research scientist who helped reduce the cooling bill of a Google data centre by 40%, and a farmer who started as a vegetable picker 40 years ago and now runs one of the most advanced indoor farming operations in the world.

We are backed by world-leading deep technology VC funds, including Founders Fund, who have backed companies such as SpaceX, Palantir and Square from the very start. We are well capitalised for the future having raised one of the largest seed rounds ever in Europe.


As the forward deployed software engineer at Optimal, you will be the main driving force behind the rapid deployment and iteration of our autonomous agents in the field.

You will work onsite at our massive-scale greenhouses, within the engineering departments of our strategic partners, and at Optimal HQ, applying the full force of your technical expertise towards solving the problems that matter most, from developing software to allow the remote control of greenhouses to overseeing live trials.

By developing an in-depth technical understanding of the greenhouse environment, you will be a critical part of engineering and product decision-making.

- Build software to integrate with the in-field control systems (built by our strategic partner), allowing our autonomous agents to remotely control our massive-scale greenhouses in real-time.
- Make key engineering design decisions by developing a deep technical understanding of our greenhouses: including sensors, actuators, in-field control systems and grower workflows.
- Accelerate our R&D iteration cycles by developing processes to rapidly and safely run field trials.
- Hold the keys to our greenhouses. Oversee field deployment, testing and trials. Make final go/no-go decisions. Ensure Skynet doesn’t terminate any innocent vegetables.
- Work with sensor companies to capture and evaluate new data streams.

Extra credit
- Knowledge of cloud IoT infrastructure e.g. AWS IoT, AWS Greengrass, Google Cloud Platform IoT.
- Knowledge of machine learning or reinforcement learning.
- Interest or knowledge of plant biology.

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