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Early lung cancer diagnosis & treatment with AI



Lyndsey Pickup

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Jerome Declerck

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Founder & VP R&D @Optellum. Visiting Scientist @University of Oxford. Previously Director Clinical Applications Research @Siemens. PhD @INRIA
Founded Oxford Robotics Research Group; Serial Entrepreneur: Guidance Ltd., Mirada Solutions, Mirada Medical, Volpara, Perspectum Diagnostics, ScreenPoint
Founder & CEO @Optellum. Previously Product Lead at Hocoma AG. PhD @University of Oxford @University of Cambridge. Passion for @Mountaineering

Timor Kadir

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Vladimir Salin

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Building MedTech future with @Optellum | Kick-started KYC&AMLproduct at @SwiftDil | Java core fun at @NetCracker | PhD @SSTU

Christine Pichon

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Graduated from Imperial College MRes of Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship, full-time at an innovation consulting firm as business development manager.

Carlos Arteta

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I am a researcher in computer vision and applied machine learning with a main interest in healthcare.

Ales Kozumplik

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Engineering software to fight cancer, writing Scala, preaching Agile, CI/CD. Previously: Amazon and RedHat SDE. Aalborg University Computer Science MSc.

Nicholas Dowson

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Specialist in data and algorithms with focus on 3D medical imaging to improve outcomes for cancer. Previously Team Leader at CSIRO and Researcher at Siemens.

Petr Novotný

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Medical doctor with passion for radiology and technology in medicine. Currently employed by Optellum Ltd. as a forward deployed data specialist.