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Opportunity Engine is a platform that generates growth opportunities for its startups through peer collaboration, hyper-targeted connections, events focused on real outcomes, and empowered evangelist communities.

By building highly focused communities around vetted entrepreneurs and ecosystem good actors, Opportunity Engine will work to provide the benefits of accelerators, meetups, and conferences to founders without the typical noise and burdensome costs.

We are currently looking for venture scouts, sourcing startups to join the community through their network and direct outreach. In addition to sourcing startups for the community, the scout will be tasked with finding deals for our investor network and qualifying the initial investments for our fund launching in 2021.

This is a part-time role which should command only a few hours per month. Your responsibilities will be the following:
1. Solicit, review, and qualify applications from startups
2. Bring on new scouts and referall partners (accelerators, incubators, angel networks, etc.)
3. Collaborate with other Scouts and work with younger team members on qualifying deal flow
4. Source and qualify investments from the community for our partner angel investors and venture capital firms
5. Contribute to special projects in relation to fundraising and deal support

You don't need to check all the boxes, but some of the qualifications we are looking for:
1. Demonstrated domain expertise within a specific theme or vertical
2. Experience in business development, venture capital, or as a startup operator is preferred
3. Experience working with startup founders directly pre-series A
4. Existing actionable network within a specific startup or corporate innovation ecosystem
5. Passion for helping others, sourcing early stage deals, and being an ecosystem good actor is a must.

What you get:
1. Hands-on experience working with leading startup founders, angel networks, venture funds, and service providers
2. Guidance from the Opportunity Engine team and broader network
3. The ability to be your own manager
4. Potential revenue sharing opportunities and carried interest in sourced deals
5. The upside of becoming an integral part of the fund

Please note that this is a part-time unsalaried position with the upside of participating in revenue share for paid agreements, sponsorships, and earning carried interest in sourced investments once the fund is launched.

We are specifically looking looking for individuals with domain expertise in the following areas:
1. blockchain / decentralized technologies
2. future of work
3. data - ai/big data/cybersecurity/developer platforms
4. cities - real estate/infrastructure,industrial/energy/mobility
5. fintech
6. new media
7. health
8. consumer products / marketplace / consumer internet

If you don't see a fitting area of interest, please apply with a description of the industry/sector you'd like to operate in.

New York City
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hyper-focused support communities for entrepreneurs

Opportunity Engine focuses on Productivity Software, Blockchains, Future Of Work, and Fin Tech. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.opportunityengine.network/ or find them on LinkedIn.

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