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Debt collection process at large financial institutions are failing. Every year, 77 Million Americans have negative experiences with the collections process, and they deserve a better approach - one that is more relevant and data driven, more digital, and less abrasive. That’s why banks, lenders, and industry leaders need to innovate with Operant.AI to optimize customer treatment using data to recover outstanding receivables.

Operant.AI’s is a category-defining company. Our mission is to become the world’s leading debt collection intelligence platform. We work with leading financial institutions and accounts receivable groups to revolutionize the collections process. By integrating the rich data and machine learning to personalize the collections approach in order to improve customer experience, increase repayment rates and maximize retention. Credit losses are one of retail banks’ largest expenses, costing over $50B per year in North America alone.


Operant.AI is an Intelligence platform for collection agents and customer success teams. We believe data is the most under-leveraged asset in organizations today, and that having good, effective analysis and learning from the insights they contain is the biggest lever to growing revenue. We use Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning to allow collections and customer service teams to identify what works to increase their conversion rates. We help financial institutions identify who’s actually able to pay versus a waste of time and identify what are the “needle moving strategies” these agents can apply with customers to get the best outcome for everyone.

We’re already working with the biggest players in banking and collections. You will work with an all-star CEO responsible for 3 startup exits in Fin-tech and data analytics and rockstar developer team with a background at UofT.
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Software Engineer

Chief Software Developer (CTO)


As our product engineering lead you’ll get to do 100% hands-on as well as architecting the entire tech platform. You’ll get to make critical decisions from ideation to engineering to client feedback, with the rest of our fast-growing team.