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Book an appointment with any healthcare provider in the U.S.

Book an appointment with any healthcare provider in the U.S.

OpenMed lets you find and book any healthcare provider for your schedule within seconds, you can also secure message your physician.

Healthcare providers in the U.S. book over 1.4 billion office visits a year with their patients via phone calls and emails. The current process puts the onus on the patient, expecting them to call their provider, wait on hold, and fill out paper-based forms to get onboarded. Furthermore, providers waste precious time answering phone calls and correcting incorrect patient data when they should be focused on delivering better care. The user experience is broken on both sides.

OpenMed has built the most powerful system for consumers and providers to handle appointment requests via a mobile and web app. Our users don't waste time waiting on phone calls with front office staff and we're the only platform in the world that gives providers the ability to onboard their patients with one click.

Access to care has never been easier, that's OpenMed's mission.
Founder and CEO of OpenMed, CTO US Oncology, CTO Cardinal Health and CIO Kony Solutions.

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