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OpenFan arms every business with Amazon-level customer intelligence and personalization


2 rounds


Undisclosed amount


Dave Hodson

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Co-founder and CTO @iPrint.com (NASD:IPRT). Co-founder and CTO @MessageCast (Sold to @Microsoft). StartX mentor, technical advisor.

Kurt Bilafer

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I've spent the last 25 years reinvigorating underperforming businesses & building new ones. I'm a full-time Angel & have started Syndicating deals on AngelList

David J. Phillips

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Entrepreneur and angel investor.

Vishal Garg

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Founder+CEO@better Founder@1/0 Capital. Co-Founder@FutureFinance, Co-Founder,Chariman@Climb, Chairman@Phoenix Founder@myrichuncle,

John Tran

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Interest with Investing in private companies and startups with world changing disruptive tech.

Eric Ries

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Author of The Lean Startup

Liz Dunn Carroll

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Investor, innovator. Ex-General Magic, Webcrawler, Excite, Miette, Ofoto, Technorati, Funny or Die, and most recently Director of Future Concepts at Verizon.
Reconstructive plastic and hand surgeon. Angel investor. Optimist. I am seeking out the best in the startup community. @UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
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