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A new form of association, transparent by design

A new form of association, transparent by design

It has never been easier to create a group or a community thanks to platforms like Meetup, Github, or Slack. Yet it is very complicated to collect money for those communities. You basically first need to create a legal entity and a bank account. That's too much overhead, too early. Open Collective lets you create a virtual entity in minutes that everyone in your group can have access to. This enables your community to collect and disburse money in full transparency. Ideal for meetup groups, open source projects, parents or neighborhood associations, student clubs, movements, etc. How does it work? 1- Create a collective on OpenCollective.com 2- We'll match you with a trustable fiscal sponsor (they will hold the money on behalf of your community) 3- Start collecting money from backers, members and sponsors That's it. Now anyone in your collective can see the budget and submit expenses. Once approved, they are automatically reimbursed.

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