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COVID PCR testing in mobile labs in shipping containers

COVID PCR testing in mobile labs in shipping containers

OpenCell are providing airport testing to support passenger arrivals. As a part of the programme, all passengers arriving by sea or air are swab tested at the point of arrival. OpenCell’s CONTAIN lab is built in a shipping container for remote deployment and is optimised for COVID diagnostics using real-time PCR tests. This remains the gold-standard testing method due to its high sensitivity. By focusing exclusively on COVID diagnostics the lab is capable of extremely high throughput with up to 2000 tests per day tested. By doing testing in this way it takes pressure off hospital pathology labs who already have to conduct hundreds of different tests for their patients. “Community testing must be targeted. Fewer tests, with the shortest turnaround time and the highest sensitivity, at ports of entry can stop COVID outbreaks before they start.” Helene Steiner, co-founder and CEO. Read: opencell.bio/news/jersey Watch: youtube.com/c/opencell Connect with us: twitter.com/opencelllondon @opencelllondon on social


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