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COVID PCR testing in mobile labs in shipping containers

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Our mission is to reduce barriers to entry for biotechnology. So far OpenCell has built an open research centre comprising 70 shipping container biotech labs and workplaces. This has given us a deep insight into the issues early stage biotechnology companies face. Over the next two years we will deploy solutions to problems including: 1) Making labs easier to design/build/buy. 2) Making simple cheap biotech products and a marketplace for selling them. 3) Developing avenues for non-biotech companies to integrate biotechnology in their products.
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Other Engineering


1) A collaborative attitude, an open mind and a passion for doing things differently. Prove this by discussing a time you have worked in a team with diverse experience

2) A passion for translating science and ideas into tangible products.

Other Engineering

Electronic and Product Engineer

Posted 5 months ago
  • Hardware design + firmware/software + work with dedicated software engineers.
  • Detailed electronic circuit design, including simulation, design, testing and integration of new designs. High speed iterative style is essential.

Head of Sales

Posted 5 months ago
  • Someone with a solid understanding of biotechnology.
  • Comfortable keeping on top of academic literature. Expert understanding is not essential. However, a passion and understanding of the state of the art is.