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Cameron Howieson

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Co-Founder & CEO @Opencare.com
Co-Founder & Chairman of @Opencare.com. Marketplaces & healthcare expert. Founded & exited @SIMMS (diagnostic SaaS) & @CardioTrust (cardiac clinics).


I match talent with amazing opportunities at Opencare

Monika E

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Mike Bettley

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Talent Acquisition in the Toronto tech scene & Xoogler

Amina Tariq

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Product Manager at Opencare. Previously in data analytics, operations, customer success, marketing and business development.

Mickey Zheng

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secretly looking...

David Connolly

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Full Stack Developer and Product Manager with experience in BtoB & BtoC across multiple verticals and startup to mid-size companies.

Nour Chatti

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Customer Success Rep at Opencare, former head of Customer Service at Foodora Canada. Leadership + Presentation Skills. Went to University of Toronto

Megan MacQuarrie

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I have a passion for growing companies by helping others to focus on what they love. Today, I’m building an inclusive peak-performance culture at Opencare.

Kory Zayne

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Maria Cuasay

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Peter Sum

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Worked at Opencare, Uken Games
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Board members and advisors

Zach Roth

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Product Manager, Growth @Coinbase , Co-Founder @Lemma, Product Lead @LinkedIn , previously at @Glassdoor, @Bright • Studied at @University of Virginia
Founder/Chairman at Thumbtack Founder/Chairman at AthenaGo.com

Former team

Francois Mathieu

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Jan van Deursen

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Niv Yahel

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Penelope Talbot-Kelly

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Connor Stehr

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Kelvin Lai

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