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Making India's Budgets open, usable and easy to comprehend

Making India's Budgets open, usable and easy to comprehend

Increasingly, people across the country are keen to understand and participate meaningfully in discussions on government budgets. But, the limited availability of relevant and accessible information on budgets in India at different levels has been a hindrance in this regard. In this context, our endeavor is to strengthen the discourse and demand for availability of all budget information in public domain in a timely and accessible manner, at all levels of government in the country.

As part of the efforts in this sphere, we have developed the portal - OpenBudgetsIndia, a comprehensive and user-friendly open data portal that facilitates free, easy and timely access to relevant data on government budgets in India. And to do so we employ open-source tools along with techniques like computer vision & machine learning to transform budget documents into Open Linked Data. This enables users to perform detailed analysis on key fiscal indicators across various tiers of government.

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