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We’re building safe Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and ensuring it leads to a good outcome for humans. We believe that unreasonably great results are best delivered by a highly creative group working in concert.

We're hiring software engineers and deep learning researchers to join our team in San Francisco. Many of our top contributors had no deep learning experience prior to OpenAI — people learn the skills they need while also performing useful work along the way.

Deep learning is a team sport, and we value people who are exceptionally thoughtful and nice. Our goal is to build safe AGI which benefits the world, which means we want our team to be maximally representative of the world. Our team includes women, men, parents, and people of a variety of races, nationalities, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds. We sponsor visas including cap-exempt H1Bs.

We value potential as much as experience. People are expected to pick up whatever skills are required for the project they're working on, and are not constrained to either research or engineering work.
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Research Scientist

Posted 2 months ago

Our mission at OpenAI is to discover and enact the path to safe, beneficial AGI. To do this, we believe that many technical breakthroughs are needed in generative modeling, reinforcement learning, large scale optimization, and active learning, among other topics. As a Research Scientist at...