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A platform that enables analytics deployment

A platform that enables analytics deployment

We have taken our extensive experience in building easy to use supply chain applications and leveraged it to create a cloud platform that enables deployment of solvers and applications. The platform provides many built in features such as user management, data validation, visualization, scale-able solver runs, collaboration and security. In addition, we provide programmable data cleaning and mapping that can help transform a shared data store or model data from one format to another.

For the analytics solver developer, we provide open source tools that can wrap around a solver to define its Data Library(ticdat), test with Notebooks and plug into our platform for practitioners to deploy. The solvers can be maintained through a developer environment.

In order to test the platform and provide important supply chain capabilities , we have built a few applications that are already being used: Network Design , Network Risk, Multi-Echelon Inventory and Routing.
Co-Founder Opalytics, @Opalyticsinc• Worked at OPS Rules (acquired in 2016 by Accenture Analytics) and LogicTools (acquired in 2007 by ILOG)

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