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We have developed the first social marketplace for small food producers to sell direct to consumers. We have built and tested an online marketplace and coupled it with an international network of third party warehouses and logistics operations that enables small producers to bypass all the middle men and access an international customer audience. Big corporates dominate the food landscape, but as small farmers and food producers band together under 1 umbrella then they are no longer small. Our job is to make it easy for a mass audience to access products made by small farmers and producers with the same or better level of convenience and low cost as shopping at the best supermarkets.
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Warehousing and Logistics Operations Manager

Posted 8 months ago

We are seeking a warehousing and logistics operations manager with experience in food and beverage to join us and help set up and manage an outsourced warehousing and pick and pack service and logistics network for delivery of the Oomami platform across Australia and New Zealand.

After setting ...

Software Engineer

UX/UI and Senior Full Stack Web Developers

Posted this week

Oomami is the next big thing in food and we are seeking talented full stack developers to join our team.

Expertise in social networks and marketplaces preferred, developers must be highly skilled and experienced with C#, ASP.