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An AI based data communication and identification platform for healthcare providers

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At ScriptChain, we are looking to make a disruptive impact in todays healthcare back end processes. By using Artificial Intelligence, we will be able to streamline a lot of those processes and save the industry time and money. We love people to innovate and want to learn more about the AI space. This is also a great way to gain more experience in the space and make a positive impact in a growing market.
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Product Designer Intern

Posted 2 months ago
  • Have a creative brain on how you would design a web application through different portals.
  • Have a portfolio of projects that they have worked on in the past.

Software Engineer Intern (Fall Semester)

Posted 2 months ago

-Programmer in typescript for Angular and Nodejs.
-Would be open to learning about new technologies and cloud platforms such as GCP.


Machine Learning Intern (Fall Semester)

Posted 2 months ago

Have passion towards solving large problems in the healthcare industry. Proficient in Python where you can build preventative models using medical data and the API's.


Business Analyst Intern

Posted 1 month ago
  • Collect data from stakeholders in the healthcare industry
  • Make cold calls to physicians and decision makers to gain interest in the product