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We are hiring in heart of the Genomics Revolution - San Diego.

We are a team of industry veterans who are driven to a greater cause. We believe that technology should be used to change the world, and that this is accomplished by connecting the dots across seemingly unrelated elements to find insights in the greater mosaic. We cherish non-ordinary thinking, and especially those that are ever learning and willing to jump into the unknown to expand their knowledge.

While our experts specialize in core areas like bioinformatics, scale-out, cloud computing, data science, software engineering, and system architecture, we are especially interested in those who bring depth and breadth in their experience and interests.

We get it. We are all driven to BioInformatics to find new cures and treatments through genomic data insights. Yet, too often today we find that BioInformaticians lose valuable time with unsupported software and system scalability challenges. These stand in the way of scientific breakthroughs.

Analyzing, interpreting and storing genetic data, so that it may be intelligently 
and seamlessly accessed for enhanced big data analytics on the scale of populations opens the door of possibility for new cures and more lives saved through greater genomic insight.

Onramp BioInformatics developed the Genomics Research Platform as the first genomics-aware big data solution that is both intelligent and highly scalable, and designed for precision medicine.

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