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Arjun Dev Arora

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Founder @ Valence Advisory, XIR @Expa, ex-Partner @500 Startups Founder @ReTargeter Advisor @Nike Passionate about leadership, growth, fundraising & philosophy.

Ramit Sethi

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Author of NYT bestseller and founder of iwillteachyoutoberich.com. Deep experience in customer development, email marketing, conversion, and copywriting.

Structure Capital

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Early stage VC fund. First round investor in Uber, Breather, Laurel and Wolf, Cargomatic, Shyp, Salesforce

Lenny Hochschild

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Michael Leeds

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Mike Walsh

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General Partner, Structure. investors in Uber, SurfAir, Boatbound, Pogoseat, Breather, +100 more. founded and sold companies. Under-utilized assets & capacity.

Bill Tannenbaum

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Larry Fraser

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