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We deliver food with autonomous robots

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OneSecondDelivery was founded by an E-commerce entrepreneur and a Legal expert for drones. We are creating a food delivery app that uses autonomous drones to deliver the food. Our drone is 10 times more energy efficient, and 25 times more quiet than any other delivery drone. It is also very versatile and can fly autonomously through complex environments. We achieve this through a strong focus on fundamental physics, artificial intelligence, and a sophisticated flight simulator that we are building. The EPFL’s Vice Presidency of Innovation has recognized the large potential of this project and has supported us with the XGrant Prize and other resources. We have a great relationship with the Swiss Federal Aviation Authorities, who assured us that we can get legal approval for our flying delivery robots.
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Remote-Job: Game developer (Unity) for drone delivery startup

We will train the autonomous navigation software of our drones in a simulator. Your job is to build that simulator.