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We deliver food with autonomous robots

Remote-Job: Game developer (Unity) for drone delivery startup

€20k – €33k • 0.0% – 0.1%
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We will train the autonomous navigation software of our drones in a simulator. Your job is to build that simulator. We need a game developer who will develop a virtual environment in which we can train our virtual drones to fly around and deliver small packages.

The first part of your job will be to develop a city environment with realistic graphics. Then you will add a realistic model of our drone, with physical flight behaviour that is close to the real flight behaviour.

Because our machine learning algorithm needs a lot of variety, the simulator needs to be able to generate an infinity of different city environments. A lot of this is already done, we have a random terrain generator, a random building generator and many other features. The dynamics of the "gameplay" need to have a lot of variety as well. In each virtual delivery, the drone weight, the wind, the weight of the package etc. have to be a bit different.
You will spend a lot of time creating these algorithms that are able to generate a big variety of situations.

You will also create a slightly different simulator where we can train the large distance navigation software, not just the software for the delivery.

Later, as our delivery robots get better you will create new simulators that our machine learning team will use to train a variety of other tasks.

- The most important thing is that you are excited about this project, and like the mission of our company.

-You know how to develop Unity games, and you can show multiple projects you did in the past.

-You are proficient at C#

-You are good at software development in general. There will be some tasks that go beyond simple game development, like creating an efficient way for our autonomous flight software to fly around the game, and optimizing the computational speed.
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Argentina • Mexico • Georgia • Ukraine • Colombia • Serbia • Peru • Georgia • Moldova
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3+ years
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We deliver food with autonomous robots

OneSecondDelivery focuses on Food and Beverages, Logistics, Same Day Delivery, and Food Tech. Their company has offices in Lausanne. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://onesecdelivery.com

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