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Ray Wei

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Growth Marketing mad man with a passion for story telling to acquire customers. 6 years of strategic marketing and management experience in Silicon Valley

Wilfredo Nieves

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Over 10 years of customer service management experience, Customer Success and Escalations, Social Media Content Specialist, Chalk Sign Artist.

Justin Reginato

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Mathematical mind of a financial analyst, process driven through sale operations, skillful in program coordination, with the ability to talk like a sales person

Andrew Marquez

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After several years of startup experience at 3 different startups, I've pretty much seen it all. Currently Director of Field Operations at OneRent.co

Alissa Fabry

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Studied at @chamberlin-real-estate

Lilly Wilhelms

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Fred Glick

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years and years of experience in residential real estate, sales, rentals, management, mortgages.

Board members and advisors

General Counsel and VP - Ops at Fintech startup. Advisor to Proptech startup and VC fund. Previously at law firm Latham & Watkins in leveraged finance.

Jeff Dean

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Former team

Dylan Trujillo

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Michael Brew

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Alexander Weseloh

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Alex Muth

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Marina Sham

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Billy Bouzos

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