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A benevolent AI company that provides trusted insights to emergency responders




Apurva Kumari

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Graduate student at San Jose state University, seeking full time opportunities starting May 2018.Experienced and proficient in high level programming languages

Digambar W Ganjre

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Worked at One Concern, Grid Dynamics

Selina Holder

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8+ years of data driven marketing and merchandising experience across a wide variety of verticals.

Gabe Alvarez

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Yawar Aziz

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Joyce Wang Zhan

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Data Scientist

Abhineet Gupta

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Scientist and engineer passionate about contributing my expertise to solve society’s most challenging problems. Skills: Machine Learning, Resilience, GIS

Ray Mueller

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Stanford CS, working at One Concern Inc., worked at Electronic Arts and Facebook.

Board members and advisors

Founded Tocata Mobile, Sabio Labs (sold to Magma), Barcelona Design (sold to Sabio Labs). PhD in EE Stanford 2000. Adjunct Professor Stanford 2003-2010.
Managing Director at @Horizon Partners and angel investor @Palantir Technologies and other startups
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Former team

Zivago Lee

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