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A Corporate Wellness Company Built On Happiness -- Because 'Happy People Do Great Things'

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We are a Philadelphia-based corporate wellness company led by a simple, guiding principle: Happy People Do Great Things. We work to advance our clients' impact, productivity, and profitability by helping them invest in their most valuable asset: their people.

Our programs take a holistic approach to growing human happiness, blending on-site wellness experiences, program management, and strategy consulting. By providing employees with engaging experiences that help them advance their physical, emotional, community, financial and environmental wellness, we help our clients create meaningful cultures that attract, retain, and develop top talent.

We are a diverse, women-owned company that is focused on practicing what we preach. By creating an internal culture of trust, health, and happiness, we are able to authentically serve our clients, and enjoy ourselves along the way. Our team is a unique group of intrinsically-motivated creatives with a passion for living and making work a part of that joyful life.