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Lego for data product makers

Lego for data product makers

Omniscience is commercializing distributed data-mining systems that came out of U.S. government intelligence and military research projects to help companies with brand perception, product safety and reliability, risk management, sales targeting and regulatory affairs. The company combines internal and external data sources to extract insights using its proprietary algorithms. Today, a hodge podge of tools and services exist in a very crowded landscape that is not delivering value. Salesforce, marketing automation, lead tracking, all these systems require manual data entry and they do not talk to each other. Omniscience lets you track people, topics, events, and find the relationship between them. We tell you which leads to act on on that day, what action to take, what language to use to have the highest impact and conversion.

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Founder Omniscience Labs • Big data @aol @Comcast MS CS, Applied Math, PhD expected 2014 Spatial Data Virginia Tech, numerous big data patents and papers
Founder & CEO @Omniscience • Worked at @HP @Nokia Board @CQCloud • Past at Brainiest Crescendant, AirXpress • • Studied EE at @University Of Mumbai