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Hardik Chheda

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Head of Product, Engineering & Strategy | PM, PMM, Sales Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Analytics

Alex Baden

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Technical Director, OmniSciDB

Chandler Vis

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JP Harvey

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Tech sponge and entrepreneur, Aussie relocated to the SF Bay Area.

Tom Hastain

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Michael Gardner

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Christophe Viau

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UX/UI/Product designer, developer and teacher, PhD in Software Engineering specialized in datavis.

Rebecca Kao

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Alan Wong

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Eric Kontargyris

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Rebecca Kao

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Senior Graphics Engineer at MapD, Inc., Data Vis R&D Engineer at Bloomberg, FX Technical Director at ILM, MS in Visualization Sciences, BS in Computer Sciences

Andrew Seidl

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Alex Suhan

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Founder @Trifacta • Professor at @Stanford University • Computer Science PhD at @UC Berkeley