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Database Administrator - Application Performance

$48k – $60k
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We’re Omisians. And we’re firm believers that “payment acceptance” is fundamental to developing a successful business. We build tools and provide our clients with services that power more than just payments — helping them reach more buyers around the world, unlocking their fullest potential.

Our payment solution is simple to set up and works seamlessly across multiple devices. We take care of connecting and maintaining relationships with processors and acquirers which let our merchants focus on building great products.

Why we need you
A RDS DBA must be able to maintain optimal application performance to keep business operations running smoothly. A major role of this position involves the usage of tools to monitor, log and react to performance changes on a daily basis. This oftens covers a broad range of skills including the programming and configuration of performance monitoring systems.
Omise places great importance on the performance of our RDS systems and across the Infrastructure team. A few of the duties of this position include:
- Improving Database Performance: Having an experienced DBA managing a database will increase overall performance, keeping users and managers happy, and saving costs.
- Improving Application performance: Closely working with our developers to remove slow queries and bottlenecks, and to effectively scale our applications with PostgreSQL built in features such as Partitioning and Sharding.
- Disaster Prevention and Recovery: An experienced DBA will be invaluable in preventing system failures, or solving disaster situations. A great uptime is indeed very important!
- Innovator: We are looking for someone who will look at customer usage and needs and innovate to deliver a smoother, better performing infrastructure.

What you will be doing
- Responsible for managing, upgrading, monitoring and tuning PostgreSQL databases.
- Work closely with developers to improve performance of our applications in relation to database queries and schemas.
- Manage, and test database backup & recovery strategies, verifying data integrity.
- Proactively monitor and tune for performance of our databases and improve SQL queries on the application side.
- Responsible for capacity planning and long term strategies.
- Consult with development and architecture teams to help meet continued application growth and cost optimizations.
- Create and maintain documentation of procedures, schemas and guides for troubleshooting database systems.

You Are
- Autonomous
- Independent
- Open-minded
- Eager to learn new things
- Self-motivated
- Comfortable in a rapidly changing environment
- Can communicate well in English
- Work in a fast and agile team

Required Skills
- Comprehensive knowledge with PostgreSQL.
- Knowledge with Application database adapters, especially ActiveRecord.
- Ability to debug queries in SQL with "explain analyze".
- In depth PostgreSQL concepts of vacuum, async replication, native partitioning.
- Amazon Web Services, specifically RDS.
- Good knowledge on PostgreSQL architecture with experience in setting the - server parameters for optimal performance.
- Ability to work as a team and closely with developers and devops supporting Omise applications.
- Strong in communication, teamwork, decision-making, documentation and analytical skills.
- 3+ years Experience with Linux and RDS

Good to Have
- Ruby on Rails 5.x and 6.x
- Strong ActiveRecord knowledge
- Kubernetes
- Native Partitioning in PostgreSQL 11
- Geo-Distributed Databases
- NoSQL knowledge
- Postgresql Aurora (RDS) cluster and replica set

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