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Design Research Lead

$140k – $200k • No equity
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The gist:

OMGyes.com is in search of an outstanding Design Research Lead adept at identifying and developing human-centered insights and driving our website experience. We are looking for someone who is willing to get their hands dirty designing, prototyping and researching their ideas alongside us, while also inspiring co-workers by leading with user empathy and passion for the people we design for.

Why is this role important for us?

We use a scientific, bottom-up qualitative research approach to identify the ways people successfully navigate taboo topics in their lives. Then, we theme and map the pathways that lead to positive outcomes so others can apply them and benefit.

Our goal is to turn our research into behavior change and social change. We believe behavior is easier to change or influence by bringing people through experiences rather than just giving them information. We’re creating a web platform to do just that.

As Design Research Lead, you will play a crucial role throughout the entire product development process — using human-centered insights from qualitative research to inspire our content design, inform rapid prototyping and create engaging, interactive tools to get users to apply the insights from our research in their real lives.

The right candidate has:

- 10+ years of experience - working in user-centered, website or app product design and development.

- Lots of user empathy - an insatiable curiosity about the nuances of people's motivations, resistances and tendencies.

- Qualitative research skills - proven experience designing research and conducting one-on-one user interviews. Self-awareness to fight off confirmation bias, and enthusiasm to follow unplanned threads that arise in research and/or data.

- A love of Post-it brainstorming exercises - reframing problems and collaboratively coming up with solutions as a team.

- An ability to quickly distill/synthesize - choosing key insights around a particular problem from a collection of ideas on post-its. Getting to the (most important) point is absolutely essential.

- Skills to create testable prototypes - a strength in copywriting or design is a plus for helping create stimulus for user interviews.

- Self-directed follow through - capable of juggling multiple projects and priorities, creating deadlines and upholding them to get new features through the stages of design, copy, build and approval.

Once here, you will:

-Design, scope, and run research that helps us tackle our design challenges.
-Facilitate synthesis, generating insights and opportunities for design.
-Creatively articulate the insights and stories behind our design concepts and features.
-Hold user-research sessions to find out what’s working and what can be improved.
-Prioritize feature development, implementation and review.

What does OMGyes bring to the table?

OMGyes is a one of a kind place to work. You will get to solve complex challenges and work alongside bright, authentic people who share a common goal they believe in. It is really fun to work on this stuff! We work hard because we are passionate about what we do. But, we also intentionally create time to connect with one another and inspire both personal and career growth.

We respect a healthy work/life balance. We offer a great benefits package, and we have a large, comfortable office in Berkeley.

Perhaps most importantly, we don’t have clients. Your work will directly impact the people we are designing for. You will get to see how people respond to your thoughts and designs in real time. The research we do and services we create directly and measurably make people happier and improve lives. You will see that reflected in the ways people talk about OMGyes.com and in the high volume of positive emails we receive from our users.

How to apply:

Please submit a resume and cover letter (yes, we read cover letters.)

Share any user journey flows and site experience flows you have produced in the past. We would love to see an example of execution for a design process that you have made, specifically calling out where and how you directly contributed.

And please answer the following question either in your cover letter or in an attached pdf: Which website experience out there really does a good job bridging online information and the user's offline implementation of that information? What's clever about how the site experience enables that? What insight about user psychology are they leveraging? (Up to 500 words.)

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