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Virtual Reality Operating System

Virtual Reality Operating System

Omega is an operating system built into a virtual world where you can build anything and access anything using your hands. It is a sandbox environment powered by a visual programming system that requires no compiling or writing of code when working within the system. In one multi-user environment, people can get work done, browse the web, access their files and email, create experiences, play games, explore worlds, and much more.

This unique system combines computing and reality in a way that solves problems and unlocks potential across virtually every industry and application - education, architecture, entertainment, business, engineering, and communication. Problems such as program compatibility issues and computer access in VR environments.

This interface lowers the barrier of entry for professionals and everyday users to enable a new era of product development, content creation, and creative expression, allowing people to solve their own problems and fulfill their own fantasies.

Sean Voltaire

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Artistic engineer with 17 years of programming and game development experience, along with hardware production focused on electronic and firmware design.

Tara Campese

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15 years of CAD, project management, and fund raising experience. Several years of programming experience including C++, VB.net, and Python.

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