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Distraction-free communicator for kids

Distraction-free communicator for kids

Kids and parents need to communicate when apart. Cell phones solve the communication part but can affect a child's life in many negative ways. Okio is the distraction-free solution for kids and parents to communicate through voice messages. Kids can respond to messages when the time is right. Kids use the Okio Clip and parents the Okio App. It is like a "21st century walkie-talkie" with wide cellular coverage and a 1+ week battery life on one charge. It is very simple, push a button to talk and another to listen to a voice message. Okio lets you stay connected to your children anytime, anywhere. Make plans, check in, or jus tell them you love them. Okio enhances family life instead of detracting from it. Your kids will grow into a smartphone, eventually. But why rush it?

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