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Travel Assistant / Client Success (Weekends)

$15k – $20k • No equity
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Please make sure you read the full description below before applying, including the culture document. We’ll reach-out within a few days if it looks like a solid fit to start the interview process.


OK Roger is a high growth tech startup in Austin, TX. We are harnessing the power AI to build a conversational personal assistant for teams of frequent flyers. We call that assistant “Roger”. We are focused on data-driven innovation to solve real problems for real customers.

Why book travel or do other travel chores yourself? Just message Roger and get stuff done!

THE ROLE - Travel Assistant (Client Happiness Professional)

Roger is an assistant to countless frequent flyers all over the globe, helping them get from point A to point B while being able to focus on their core role, and not logistics. They interact with Roger as an extremely qualified human assistant or chief of staff, available 24/7.

You are that super qualified assistant / chief of staff for our clients. But instead of a normal assistant role where you assist 2-3 people, you’ll assist hundreds, depending on who needs help when. You’ll come in and join our team of assistants to aid our clients.

We are looking for a long-term, foundational team member, not a gig job.


Team culture is hugely important to us. This is what will determine if we are a fit, and how quickly you build trust with the existing team. Several major core values are this: Honest (Trustworthy), Humble (Self-Aware), Hungry (to learn), Goes Above & Beyond!

Check out the below Culture document for more details. If you don’t fit these characteristics, you are not going to be a good fit here. Take a read and feel free to comment: docs.google.com/document/d/1njtZpXVVUnR2UL3augSOlVEV4YJAt_6WaJMeCEJPx3I


* “Be Roger”. Aiding our travelers and ensuring their high level of satisfaction through text, Slack, email, Google Chat, Facebook, etc.
* Work off of the prioritized task list, executing according to the Training/Standards of our different services
* Study client data, including profile, calendar, and historical conversation for context, so you can intelligently and appropriately do the work (as a great assistant does!)
* Identify, improvise and communicate enhancements in our standard processes and our operational setup
* Continuously build and update user profiles and notecards based on feedback and insights
* Share positive and negative user experiences in the Slack channels
* Embody our culture (e.g., go "above & beyond" for our clients by delighting them!)
* Ask questions and elevate if you do not know what to do!
* Delighting our users in every interaction you have with them, leaving them happy and excited!


* Do you have excellent written and spoken English language skills?
* Do you know how to find the answer to anything using Google? We want resourceful people who can think for themselves!
* Do you handle competing priorities and higher stress situations well? Our users are under the gun sometimes and our job is to patiently and calmly get them out of it!
* Are you familiar with online travel search tools? Expertise with them is a HUGE plus. Examples include Google Flights, Expedia, Kayak, Google Maps, Skyscanner, Skiplagged, Booking.com, Hotels.com, etc.
* Are you detail-oriented and process-driven? We are extremely methodical in our approach to customers, and getting every detail right is important.
* Do you have patience in your communication and delight in providing an awesome experience to those you talk to? You should brighten up people's day!
* Experience with any of the following: Slack, Google Hangouts, Trello, Google Office Suite (Docs, Sheets, etc.), and a few select internal tools and systems.

STRONGLY PREFERRED ATTRIBUTES (If you have any or some of these, let us know in your intro email!)

* Background in Travel and maybe a degree from Hotel/Tourism focused College
* Experience with remote, distrubuted teams
* “True startup” experience and ability to perform well in unstructured environments


This role is primarily looking for assistants who can work full time but definitely include the weekend days (Fri - Sun) especially evening / night US Central Time (CT) and any other 2-3 days during the week.

A part time role just for the weekend is a possibility but not the optimal fit.

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