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Re-inventing business travel using AI

Product Manager (distributed team)

$20k – $35k
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Please make sure you read the full description below before applying, including the culture document.

What could make you an Ideal Fit for this role

* Technical (engineering or science) educational background with ~3 years of software development experience in a startup environment
* Data orientation and highly analytical approach to problem solving
* MBA with a focus on operational optimization
* ~2 years of Customer Service Focused Product/Operational Role where you helped streamline, define and automate Customer Service Processes
* Demonstrably awesome communication & product Skills

If you have a technical background but are not really a developer anymore, are very product oriented and love the action of running a 24x7 operation making data-driven decisions along the way, this may be the perfect opportunity for you. We are an early startup so while a Product Manager needs to be very strategic in helping us further our goals, you need to be very action oriented able to roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes!

This is not a software development position but a technical background is HIGHLY DESIRABLE so you can comfortably play the "product" role, (may be make small software fixes and enhancements as needed on your own), and so is data orientation and familiarity with tools of the trade as such. An eye for Process Engineering would ensure your success in this role - using both technological and other mechanisms.

We’ll reach-out within a few days if it looks like a solid fit to start the interview process. You can email me at rbector@okroger.ai directly if you are a FIT.


OK Roger is a high growth tech startup. Our CEO is based in Austin, TX but we are a fully distributed team and proud of operating that way.

We are harnessing the power AI to build a conversational personal assistant for teams of frequent flyers. We call that assistant “Roger”. We are focused on data-driven innovation to solve real problems for real customers.

THE ROLE - Product Manager

Roger is an assistant to countless frequent flyers all over the globe, helping them get from point A to point B while being able to focus on their core role, and not logistics. They interact with Roger as an extremely qualified human assistant or chief of staff, available 24/7.

Our software (the machine) and our team of human assistants collaborate together to help the frequent travelers plan, book and manage their travels.

This role is for someone to take responsibility of running our product (and its operation) with super high quality that our customers expect. This is a 24x7 operation supported by our worldwide team of assistants. So it has a customer service aspect to it. But we are developing the product for machines to be smarter and smarter and your role will involve incrementally suggest improvements. So its a very unique opportunity to be a product manager in a very happening and chaotic environment.

We are looking for a long-term, foundational team member, not a gig job.


Team culture is hugely important to us. This is what will determine if we are a fit, and how quickly you build trust with the existing team. Our core values: Honesty (Trustworthy), Humility (Self-Aware), Hunger (to learn), Helpful - Goes Above & Beyond!

Check out the below Culture document for more details. If you don’t fit these characteristics, you are not going to be a good fit here. Take a read and feel free to comment: docs.google.com/document/d/1njtZpXVVUnR2UL3augSOlVEV4YJAt_6WaJMeCEJPx3I


* Take ownership of operating Roger at high quality
* Own the service as a Product Owner, where you are able and willing to give meaningful feedback & suggestions to develop key technology elements of our product continuously
* Setup processes and discipline of following them within the team
* Mentor and Coach the team
* Drive Produce Metrics
* Manage Schedules
* Potentially help with recruitment
* Review quality and give feedback
* Write product specs, Interface with our R&D Team to drive product development
* Take in new product capabilities and operationalize it.
* Produce Training Videos and Process documents for our team of assistants
* “Be Roger”. Aiding our travelers and ensuring their high level of satisfaction through text, Slack, email, Google Chat, Facebook, etc.
* Work off of the prioritized task list, executing according to the Training/Standards of our different services
* Study client data so you can intelligently and appropriately suggest enhancements
* Identify, improvise and communicate enhancements in our standard processes and our operational setup
* Continuously build and update user profiles, based on feedback and insights
* Share positive and negative user experiences in the Slack channels
* Embody our culture (e.g., go "above & beyond" for our clients by delighting them!)
* Ask questions and elevate if you do not know what to do!
* Delighting our users in every interaction you have with them, leaving them happy and excited!


* Attention to Detail
* An attitude of being helpful and going above and beyond
* A hunger for taking ownership of a very exciting product and its operation 24x7.
* Should be very easy going with technology and be able to demonstrate super fast learning on new tech products
* Ability to use software to do basic data analysis so you can be efficient about managing the operation and make data driven decisions and insights.
* Do you have excellent written and spoken English language skills?
* Do you know how to find the answer to anything using Google? We want resourceful people who can think for themselves!
* Do you handle competing priorities and higher stress situations well? Our users are under the gun sometimes and Roger's job is to patiently and calmly get them out of it!
* Are you detail-oriented and process-driven? We are extremely methodical in our approach to customers, and getting every detail right is important.
* Do you have patience in your communication and delight in providing an awesome experience to those you talk to? You should brighten up people's day!
* Experience with any of the following: Slack, Google Hangouts, Trello, Google Office Suite (Docs, Sheets, etc.), and a few select internal tools and systems.

STRONGLY PREFERRED ATTRIBUTES (If you have any or some of these, let us know in your intro email!)

* Experience working with and managing a distributed team in the past
* Background in Travel or Financial Services and maybe a degree from Hotel/Tourism focused College
* “True startup” experience and ability to perform well in unstructured environments


To start with, You will have the opportunity to be a part of a fantastic worldwide team of passionate folks. You will work from where-ever you are, giving you the lifestyle flexibility if you that's important to you.

We are not offering any equity to start with. However, if you are determined to be the RIGHT FIT for this role, equity will definitely be on the table.

Meet your team

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Founder & CEO @OK Roger. Product & Customer focused Technologist. IIT Bombay CS graduate. Passionate people, product and technology leader.

Manish Vora

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Founding Engineer @OK Roger, CEO & Co-Founder @Tinkerix Technologies, Software Architect @ECI Telecom / @Laurel Networks

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