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Replacing power plants with software

Replacing power plants with software

Ohmconnect is a software based power plant. Instead of turning on a dirty coal or gas power plant during times of peak demand, Ohmconnect has hundreds of users reduce their electricity. Best part is that instead of paying dirty gas power plants to turn on, ohmconnect can pay its users to turn down. When users sign up, they are told when to reduce their electricity. If they participate, their energy reductions can be sold into the markets as additional generation. Ohmconnect hooks into users' wifi thermostats, electric cars, and smart devices to automate these reductions. Our users are presented with a clean visualization of where their energy is coming from and where their energy is going. For each event that they participate in, they earn Ohmconnect points which can be cashed out at any time.

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Cadir Lee

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Co-founded support.com (IPO 2000), five years as CTO of Zynga (IPO 2011)
Driving better decisions for energy with data
CSO of Ohmconnect. Seeing what's at the intersection of energy, behavior, and design.