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Connect With Your Family

Connect With Your Family

Hawai'ian for "family": those you consider closest.

Oha.na connects you with your family using best practices from psychology. Share updates, pictures, and video of your children and life. Find natural prompts to reconnect with and treasure those you love.

We treat email as a first-class citizen; no need to leave the less technical family members behind. Oha.na includes birthday reminders and gift suggestions. Don't babyspam your friends: use Oha.na to share with those who care.

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Designer for Naja. Cofounder at @Rasteroids Design. Cofounder at @Ohana. Artist for the City of San Jose Public Art, Japantown San Jose, Superhappydevhouse.
Facebook Engineering, Cofounder and CTO of Gaston Labs, founding CTO of @PBworks. Depth in web backend, mobile, and geo technologies.
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