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Full Stack Web Developer

$70k – $80k • No equity
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Offline is looking for an experienced Rails/Javascript programmer to join our team in Raleigh. We’re looking for someone who is comfortable taking a spec and running with it on their own or with another person at Offline. Sometimes, that could be another programmer, designer, or creative director. This is not a junior position, but if you can ship quality software you care about, this position is for you.

About the Job
You’ll be building our products and services for our users and partners. This includes building admins, customer facing products, backend automation tools, support tools, partner POS integrations, etc. Basically, you’re building the foundation for Offline as we scale into other markets in 2020.

Most of what we’ve started building in the last 6 months is all greenfield. We just installed a brand new, shiny server with the latest and greatest Rails. For at least a little while, we’ll have some legacy stuff to support, but early 2020, it’s all fresh and new.

About You
Offline is a group of people that are surprised and delighted by each other’s work on a regular basis. We support each other, are kind to each other, and trust each other. We’re all pretty different people but all have fundamental values and attitudes that allow us to get more out than we put in when we work together. This you? Then apply!

As an experienced Rails developer, you should be intimately familiar with the framework, with Ruby, and with the stables of full-stack web development: HTTP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, version control. It’s a bonus if you’re broadly familiar with other languages as well   but your main work will be Ruby and Javascript.

You should be thoughtful in your QA (we’ll help a lot with that) and have a slight lean toward being able to build out a front-end from a design spec. Better even if you have a bit of designing interfaces experience.

We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to apply. Each new hire is an opportunity for us to bring in a different perspective, and we are always eager to further diversify our company. Offline is committed to building an inclusive, supportive place for you to do terrific work and be proud of what you’re working on.

How to Apply

We value creative writing and a great personality and that should come through in your application/cover letter.

Tell us why you want this job. Tell us about:
why you want to work at Offline and not somewhere else.
what is your favorite programming language and why.
what programming language is not in your repertoire but you’d like to have and why.
a time you taught yourself a new skill to complete a job or project.
a guide to making your favorite meal.

We’d like to see examples of software you’ve written. The actual code. We appreciate that it can be hard to share representative samples when you’ve been working on commercial software, so anything you can scrape together will be good. If you have open source contributions, those are great candidates, but you don’t have to be an open source contributor to apply.

We’re looking for someone that can work part-time 20-30 hours/week with the expectation that it will move into a full-time job in the coming year. BUT! If full-time is all you can do, still apply, make a note, and if you’re the right candidate, we’ll work through it.

Our office is in Raleigh is full of people at Offline a little more than half the time. We do support remote working when not in the office. You’ll be able to work from wherever you ship the best work around the hours you choose. There are some all-team meetings we do want all local people to be at, but overall, it’s a very flexible position.

Thanks for making it this far and hope to hear from you soon! (We all have some form of impostor syndrome here, so don’t be shy.)

To apply, send cover letter and resume to premium @ offlinemedia.net.